Sad news for 11 meter community

Information received us, that the founder of the Alfa Tango DX Group, 1AT001 Aldo, passed away after staying a while in the hospital.

Several members of IR-DX Group, were member of the Alfa Tango in the past and have known Aldo.

On behalf of the entire IR-DX Group, we like to express our deepest condoleances to the family, relatives and friends and wish them all strength with processing this great loss.

Rest in Peace Aldo

International Radio DX Group Headquarter



13IR114 Matt informed us that he will be 3 weeks active from Ruegen Island, EU-057.

QSL via : Matt – P.O.Box: 746 – 24751 – Rendsburg – Germany

Contribution is voluntary !


14IR106 Fabrice informed us about an IWI activation.

He and 14IR128 Philippe will be active at 13th and 14th June, signing : 19IR/ZH-001 – Hoekse Waard.

QSL via mr. Fabrice – P.O.Box 21 – 62480 – Le Portel – France

125IR/HB20 short report

I'm Back, 13IR074 Daniel, had made 463 contacts in 36 countries under 125IR/HB20
and I spend as much time as I could.
125IR/HB20Thanks again to Jimmy 13IR011 for driving me to the airport, to provide the car for pick me up at the airport by Uli .
thanks to Uli for QSL design and airport pickup.
I thank my host family of
125 IR 357 Magnum for all the Support, loving welcome in his great family and the hospitality!


In addition, my family for understanding ! !

13IR074 Daniel


The used antenna system.