Branly Marconi S.E.S

monaco branly14IR/BM/HB20 & 26IR/MB/HB20
(115th Anniversary Branly Marconi)
By IRDX D.59 / 62 and IRDX England
Dates : 27.03 – 29.04.2014
In 1899, Edouard Branly and Guglielmo Marconi, pioneers of radio set up the first wireless communication between France and England.
Qsl Manager : 14IR106 Fabrice

A short word from the founder of IR-DX !

Hello to all IRDX members,I ‘m very happy to be here after so many years to celebrate our 20 years anniversary. I founded the club back in 1994 before moving into Ham radio . I wish you all well and hope to meet you soon.

Best Regards Tommy 43IR001 Sydney,Australia

Thank YOU, Tommy ! Thank you for starting this great story that is still alive today !