IR-DX HB20 status

IR-DX 2014 HB20 status
All “direct QSL” requests (ex: 250IR/HB20, 76IR, 218IR etc) have been answered.
Now, the special COLLECTOR trifold (triple) QSL has been designed and paid (TNX to the VPs for help!).
This QSL will be for HB20 hunters who sent their log.
Please allow 2 months delay for printing delays, sending delay, challenge results etc. etc.

Enjoy !

UPDATE 12/05/2015: QSL printed – on the way to 14IR017



NEWS : IR-DX History (our archive site)

Thanks to Jan 153IR101's work, we are proud to introduce our History Website aka the IR-DX archive, were you will find most QSL and most pictures and activation reports from the early days until 2004. We now need to upload material from 2004 to 2014, so it's a "work in progress", but we are sure it will bring back good memories !

Click on DX Info on the left menu to access past activations reports, or visit the QSL gallery … You can even click "Join IR-DX Group" if you dare … but that's not for the faint-hearted 

We are proud of our history, our achievements and our members !