IRDX memorabilia


Some fine IRDX memorabilia collected over the years !

Picture shows:

  • 225/14IR707 direct post card (+ QSL)
  • 182IR0 direct post card from the FlyTox team
  • 266IR0 direct post card
  • 58IR/OC088 direct post card
  • 146/14IR707 direct post card
  • direct post card from 203IR174 Mike
  • direct post card from Layang Layang  241 division … unfortunately this activation could not take place …

We can be proud of all this IRDX landmarks along the way ! So much passion, so much energy, so many dreams …

So, where do we go next ?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough free time or money to travel to the antipodes, but any IWI, IOTA, LOTA, SOTA, COTA would be very welcome ! Go and live your own DX Adventure!