153IR/AS-053/KP news

Message from Jan :

"Hi all, feeling excited already…..I am ready to go go go……30 April my travel will start with the nightbus to Bangkok (10 hours), from there on 1 May to the south Andaman Sea Area again by bus (9 hours), next day 2 May ferryboat (2-3 hours) to final destination, hope to be on air 2 May 2015 >> 153IR/AS053/KP
The antenna is packed ! Hope to hear you ! Regards 153IR101


Thailande AS-053 new 2

Coming soon : new one from AS-053 group ! 153IR/AS-053

Hier lässt sich wunderbar den ganzen Tag am einsamen Strand liegen...

Soon on Air, New IOTA on 11 meter, this island has never been activated before, if you are interested to sponsor and get direct postcard please contact Jan 153IR101.
QSL via 153IR101 Jan including standard contribution. Dates of activation will be announced as soon as possible, stay tuned. 153IR/AS053

IR-DX HB20 status

IR-DX 2014 HB20 status
All “direct QSL” requests (ex: 250IR/HB20, 76IR, 218IR etc) have been answered.
Now, the special COLLECTOR trifold (triple) QSL has been designed and paid (TNX to the VPs for help!).
This QSL will be for HB20 hunters who sent their log.
Please allow 2 months delay for printing delays, sending delay, challenge results etc. etc.

Enjoy !

UPDATE 12/05/2015: QSL printed – on the way to 14IR017