fra-72714IR106 Fabrice will make some activity during January 2014 till January 2015 by using the call 14IR/FRA-727 which is the lighthouse reference of Saint Pol lighthouse in the North part of France.

QSL via Fabrice – P.O.Box 21 – 62480 – Le Portel – France.

14IR/DP – Dover Patrol


In commemoration (100 years) of the 1st World War, 14IR106 Fabrice will be active as 14IR/DP – Dover Patrol.

The activation is in memory of the Dover Patrol and will take place between January 2014 and till January 2015.

QSL via Mr. Fabrice – P.O.Box 21 – 62480 – Le Portel – France

More information about Dover Patrol can be found here : Dover Patrol