14IR/68020R – done !

DWC_0554Willy 707, coming from Ardèche, came to see Regis 017 in Haut-Rhin to spend some great friendship moments together. Like old timers, we like to remember old anecdotes in front of some beers and good food. Radio was a bit secondary, but still, 14IR/68020R Ottmarsheim power station island has been activated on June 28th (just few QSO during reconnaissance trip) and on the 29th 2013, for 5 or 6 hours.

Conditions haven’t been too good and we missed some of our usual IWI hunters (holidays ?).

Using the old trusty Kenwood TS-50S and our legendary Antron A99, 14IR707 Willy and 14IR017 managed to log 50 QSO, including 26DX/CU003 (Trevor), 285SD101 and 63JR2626.

Once again, we noticed that there’s some magic beeing active from place surronded by water. The signals are just amazing in comparison with what we’re hearing from home.

Peter 14SD198 stopped by to bring us some beer. Thanks for your friendship, Peter !

Thanks to all who took part.

If there are enough requests I might go there again.

Proofs (videos, pictures) have been published on Facebook and are available by request to anyone asking.

Special QSL is via 14IR017