Preview : possible new EUROPE QSL

11---44---IR_5(1) 22---33---IR_1

This is the preview for a possible new Europe QSL (project by 14IR184 and 14IR017).

Before going further, we would like to hear your remarks, comments, idea and if you would be interested in ordering some.

If enough people are interested and make orders, then we will be able to go on and print it.

Why five confirmation boxes ? To save on QSL cards and mailing costs when you need to confirm several stations using the same manager (for example 1SD007, 1AT070) or to confirm IWI / ISLANDS tours (Delta Xray for example).

Feedback welcome !!!


From Russia with love

Russia50IR010 Victor from Samara area is active from times to times.

QSL via 14IR017 Regis. Adress OK on or contact via:  


Voluntary contribution (and in any case not contribution for IR-DX members who make the QSO with their IR callsign).

A special QSL card will be published for this activity.

Victor made 140 QSO so far (14 may 2013)

IR-DX members logged so far:

14IR017, 14IR777, 14IR016, 14IR215, 163IR001.14IR048, 14IR574, 14IR161, 1IR061, 14IR184, 14IR021, 1IR134, 1IR083.

Several QSL requests already received.