AA-54 RigExpert overview

Hi all,

Just received new tool to improve radio station! the new antenna analyzer from Rig Expert which will give you all parameters from your vertical or horizontal antenna:


Frequency range: AA-30: 0.1 to 30 MHz, AA-54: 0.1 to 54 MHz

Frequency entry: 1 kHz resolution

SWR measurement range: 1 to 10
SWR measurement for 50 and 75-Ohm systems
SWR display: numerical or easily-readable bar
R and X range: 0…1000, -1000…1000 in numerical mode, 0…200, -200…200 in graph mode

Display modes:
– SWR at single or multiple (AA-54 only) frequencies
– SWR, R, X, Z, L, C at single frequency
– SWR graph, 100 points
– R, X graph, 100 points

RF output:
– Connector type: UHF (SO-239)
– Output signal shape: rectangular, 0.1…10 MHz (AA-30) or 0.1…10.8 MHz (AA-54). For higher frequencies, third or fifth (AA-54) harmonics are used.
– Output power: about + 13 dBm (at 50 Ohm load)

– Two 1.5V, alcaline batteries, type AA *
– Two 1.2V, 1800…2700 mA·h, Ni-MH batteries, type AA *
– Max. 3 hours of continuous measurement, max. 2 days in stand-by mode when fully charged batteries are used
– When the analyzer is connected to a PC or a DC adapter with USB socket, it takes power from these sources

– 128×64 graphical backlit LCD
– 6×3 keys on the water-proof keypad
– AA-54: multilingual menus and help screens, AA-30:menus and help screens in English language
– USB connection to a personal computer

Dimensions: 22·10·3.6 cm (9·4·1.5”);

Operating temperature: 0…40 °C (32…104 °F)

Weight (including batteries): 400g (14 Oz)

* Ni-MH batteries are not included with the analyzer. Users can purchase these batteries with a corresponding charging adapter.

Let’s have a look here:


For example , I realised some technical measures of my Home made 4 elements Moxon designed by Dave*30DA016 (http://www.dx4.us/  ) which is at 7m off the ground and we see that I have to reduce the dimensions of each elements to have a new central frequency nearly around the 27.555Mhz.


For this test, the best is to be the closest as possible from the antenna, but in this quick overview, I made the measurements from the shack.

Results may vary depending on the length of coaxial cable you have.

I did some tests on some home made verticals and in this case, I did not see much difference between the results outside and inside shack (maybe in this case coaxial line didn’t change really the characteristics). Anyway, the best would be to connect the AA-54 with a short coax. to the antenna!

photo 5

The main menu of the analyzer

*First measure: 27.555Mhz

photo 1photo 4

So the SWR is correct but R value is not really at 50 ohms so I think it will be interesting to try reducing the size of antenna to be nearly perfectly tuned around 27.555Mhz

photo 3photo 2


You can locate the central frequency with the buttons on top of keyboard and we see that the frequency which you can find R=50 ohms is around 27.389Mhz , so next step could be to reduce all antenna dimensions and see the the results..! 😉

Let’s wait spring or summer time to test it really ! More to come soon!

Stay tuned!


IRDX memorabilia


Some fine IRDX memorabilia collected over the years !

Picture shows:

  • 225/14IR707 direct post card (+ QSL)
  • 182IR0 direct post card from the FlyTox team
  • 266IR0 direct post card
  • 58IR/OC088 direct post card
  • 146/14IR707 direct post card
  • direct post card from 203IR174 Mike
  • direct post card from Layang Layang  241 division … unfortunately this activation could not take place …

We can be proud of all this IRDX landmarks along the way ! So much passion, so much energy, so many dreams …

So, where do we go next ?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough free time or money to travel to the antipodes, but any IWI, IOTA, LOTA, SOTA, COTA would be very welcome ! Go and live your own DX Adventure!

14IR/GI Glun island IWI (26004R) – on the air sunday january 20th

GlunblogMickael 14IR107 & Didier 14IR001 will be active from Glun island this sunday (around 27600, from 0900UTC to the beginning of the afternoon). QSL via 14IR001.

NB: part of an IWI tour http://ir-dx-francophones.webs.com/apps/blog/show/18744688-iwi-tour-par-14ir001

IWI information :


Good luck !

Islands activations 2012

Islands2012blogDiego just received a big parcel from Bulgarian printshop with all QSL for various island activations he was involved with in 2012.

A great tri-fold QSL for Morbihan gulf island tour has been printed and will probably be a collector again !

Thanks Diego for these amazing QSL + activations !

CU in 2013 for the next one ?