Hi to all IR-DX friends ,

Time has come to inform our Members about the latest events that happened in the IR DX Group HQ by publishing officially what is important to know :

Some of you know that HQ Vice Presidents tried to improve the Group and the first step was to talk and found a solution with our President.

Jimmy 13IR011, President since October 2004, has done good work but is now too busy to be the leader we need, so we asked him to leave the Presidence.

Jimmy confirmed us that he will resign soon in 2014.

After many mails exchanged and differents point of view between him and all Vice Presidents discussed, we found that the best solution for our group and for our Members worldwide would be that the VP's take the commands of the IR-DX Group until we can organise a public election in 2015 where everyone will be able to voice his opinion.

As Vice Presidents, we created a "Vice Presidents Temporary Council" which will be responsible for memberships, activities, radio events , QSL orders , QSL management if needed and so on….

Below you will find the ONLY one email address valid to contact the group management, this email address will be deleted when a new President will be elected

We decided to wait a few months to organise the President Election because many things must be done before, we will try to contact all of you about this by email and also by snail mail, an Extraordinary meeting will take place in 2015 to elect our futur President.

Each members which will renew this year will have a vote for this election, we need email adress , personal addresses , phone numbers everything that will help us to make also an updated Directory for 2015.

If you support IRDX group, don't worry you will hear again many members on the air that's 100% sure!!

Past IR Rules state that ONLY Vice President are able to vote the President.
But we want to change this rule and make it a democratic election.
We know that you will give us your support for that and we are sure that there will be good candidates.

here is the "VP Temporary Council" members list :

14IR001 * Didier
14IR184 * Diégo
15IR076 * Chris
15IR106 * Adrian
19IR004 * Rob

We received also good help of Régis*14IR017 as HB20 QSL Manager , QSL designer and Website support.

Now we will try TOGETHER with you, dear Members, to improve the Group with your activities and good spirit.
Please be active on the Air and use your callsign in Dx Activities, internet social media and clusters.
We need your support cause without that precious IR GOOD Spirit our efforts will be worthless !

See you soon for more news! 

Membership benefit : NO CONTRIBUTION for our members

Taken from 1-2013 Newsletter :

Within last years the postage got higher and higher. Most DX-clubs put standard contribution to 2 US$. Now we want to show another way and present a real benefit to be a 100% member of International Radio DX Group. For all 100% International Radio members (originals) working an IR-DXpedition (0 or DX) or some special IOTA activations (described on our website), managed by IR-DX HQ QSL service, the contribution is free of charge. This is new rule is valid in 2013 and we hope to continue in 2014. A list of these QSL managers will be published soon. Original IR-DX member means that the DXpedition is worked with your International Radio callsign only.


January 12th 2013 Skype meeting

skypeThe IRDX group has already started working hard on 2013 projects.

13IR011 Jimmy, 14IR001 Didier, 14IR017 Regis, 14IR184 Diego, 15IR076 Chris and 19IR04 Rob had a long skype meeting together in order to improve the group and build the steps to the future.

This meeting was very positive and we already agreed to do more in the next months. Such a Think tank with people from different countries, culture, background and experience is really what we needed. Together we achieve more !