IR-DX rules

Courtesy & IR-DX SPIRIT
The way you engage the contact and carry it through to the end using the IR callsign must be friendly.
Courtesy should be used at all times on the radio as well as on the internet and the following points should be respected:

Never make a call on a calling frequency without indicating the clearance frequency you wish to use to make contact.
Never answer a call directly on the calling frequency, even if the calling operator has not given a frequency to make contact.
Never reprimand an operator who annoys you and does not radio properly, never insult someone on the frequency or on the internet.

If you have the ability to use more power than your authorities recommend, do so in such a way as to avoid generating interference on adjacent frequencies.

IR callsign
The IR-DX club members have chosen to become members of the club and accepted to use their IR callsign as their main callsign, we know from experience that this is not always the case, the HQ IR-DX is not there to enforce the commitment of the members but to allow members to enjoy themselves, using the IR callsign is a choice and we are proud to have many members who are also members of several clubs who do us the honor of using the IR callsign that the HQ has assigned to them as often as possible.

IR-DX Band Plan
Assigned IR Callsigns can be used on all radio bands allowed to citizens.

It is forbidden to use the IR callsign on an amateur radio band.
It is possible to use any radio traffic mode to make contacts.

– To assign a special IR-DX callsign LOTA-COTA-MOTA-Clubstation-WFF- SOTA-DXCC and for the activity to be considered valid, the operator who will make the request will have to allow the IRDX group to control all the information about the place from where he is using his radio station once the activity has started.

– A radio activity close to a building or inside a building that does not belong to the operator cannot take place without prior authorization from a site manager or owner, so please contact the person in charge sufficiently in advance so as not to risk putting your radio activity at fault in relation to the regulations.

In any case, take precautions so that you are not forced to leave your transmission point prematurely because of a control by the authorities or because you would not have taken the trouble to ask for a permit to set up with your radio equipment.

– Distance: It is important to remember that the maximum distance between the lighthouse, the castle, the mill and the radio station must not exceed 500 meters.

– Proofs
Whether the activity lasts several days in a row or takes place on dates not specified in advance, the operator should bring the following information at the IRDX Headquarter:
GPS position, videos, photographs.

For videos the best solution is to make one at the beginning of activity and another at the end of the day.

– A lighthouse, a castle, a mill located on a reef, an island must be physically activated from this location and not from a more easily accessible place on the coast.
(even if the distance is less than 500 metres).

For SOTA – WFF activities, the activity must be carried out with respect for nature and must not use a generator using fuel that could damage nature.

For Clubstation activities, The rule is that there is a minimum of 3 IR operators (YLs are part of the IR-DX group) at the beginning of the activity and as far as radio traffic is concerned,YLs must participate as operators imperatively so as not to be the means to allow the /000 activity to take place.

Establishment and operation of a club station
The call sign for the Club station must be assigned by the HQ and if the activity is not done several days in a row a new request for the Club station call sign must be made for each date chosen to do an activity.
A person in charge must be chosen to ensure the smooth running of the station.
A minimum of three operators must be present for the Club call sign to be activated.
An accurate traffic log must be kept, even if qsl cards are not exchanged; the log must be signed by at least three of the operators present.
Any club station activity must take into account that it is forbidden to ask for a contribution for the qsl exchange, it must be indicated to each contact that the voluntary contribution is accepted.
When applying for authorisation to be active as a club station, the person in charge must accept that the traffic log will be made available to the head office after each activity so that an E-qsl can be prepared for each operator upon request.

Two-digit numbers can only be assigned to members who meet the following criteria:

Ordinary members – 10 years of membership
Directors – 5 years of membership and 3 years in charge
National Coordinator – 5 years of membership and 3 years in charge
Continental Coordinator – 5 years of membership and 3 years in charge

Official group leaders = 100% IR
All directors and officials in the IR-DX group must be 100% IR.
They are not allowed to get involved in the activities of another group, Web Master, etc. Otherwise they must resign from their position.

A little clarification about the traffic on 27.555 Mhz.

It’s quite hard to bear to hear operators chatting quietly on 27.555 Mhz rather than making a call and suggesting another frequency to make contact.

27.555 Mhz is considered by most dx’ers as a frequency where one should call and propose a qsy in order to find a correspondant.

It is not because we hear operators asking on 27.555 Mhz to have a correspondant for a test or say hello to everyone who’s listening that you have to answer them on the same frequency.

Some people have fun making their contacts on 27.555 Mhz to disturb other users and this is not a good idea.

It is not a good image for IR-DX members to imitate or insult them.

It is inadmissible, if the call frequencies are overloaded or unusable it is your fault.

IR-DX members are urged not to generate traffic on the calling frequencies, if the IR-DX Group Headquarters receives complaints concerning a IR-DX member with video evidence the operator will be put on notice to change his attitude in order not to sully the image of the IR-DX group.

Respect the call frequencies otherwise you will be expelled from the IR-DX group.