Participate in the group life.

In a few weeks, despite the poor propagation conditions, we should have short skip conditions again, one of the most fun things on the radio…Great signals, short to very short distances, the opportunity to meet old friends on the air etc etc.

This is the perfect time to prepare and organize DX activations such as IOTA, IWI, LOTA, COTA, MOTA, SOTA, WFF, Clubstations (3 ops minimum including YL and kids) …
There are many things to do!
If you want to propose an activity, don’t forget to fill in one of the forms online

you want some ideas ?

To start :

Those who are sportsmen can participate in the Sota tour
It takes place all year long
Here is the link to the site:

Another idea
The european Mota Challenge
It will take place from 1st to 30th May 2021
Here is the link to register your activity:

Other idea
The world island festival will be the opportunity for those who like
to be active on an island to make as many contacts as possible.
The dates: June 4th to 6th 2021.
Here is the link to register your activity:

Other idea:
The 2021 edition of the 11m & Pmr Field Day
The first session will take place from Saturday June 26, 2021 to Sunday June 27, 2021.
Here is the link to register your activity:

Other idea:
Historical Monuments & Heritage on 11m
The dates: July 1 to 30, 2021.
Here is the link to register your activity:

In July there is also the 11 world wide contest 2021.
The dates are July 17 and 18, 2021.
Here is the link to inform you:
The HQ is waiting for your opinion to know if the majority of the members accept that the list of the IR members is sent to be integrated in the program of the contest.
In this case the registration of each member is not mandatory.
Only the HQ can provide this list.
The required data are the following:
Prefix – Call sign – First name of the operator.
No address or other data is required.
You can answer this survey

This year again, we wish the participation of the greatest number, your good will and your implication!
The Covid 19 is not what will make our passion disappear.
This message is not just for Europeans but for all members worldwide.

We know that making radio is a hobby and that 27 years ago we were younger, maybe not all with a family, children, a job and that today it is a little more difficult to take his equipment install it in the car, or transporting it for an expedition.

Maybe you have the impression that you have reached the end of what you can bring to the group, but it is not true, we can all bring something and at any time we can and at any time of the year.

The HQ can handle confirming your contacts via QSL or E-qsl, but we need members on the field, members who proudly want to move the group forward, organize activations, promote the group on the internet, etc.

The IRDX group will soon be 30 years old and all of us are happy to have active members on the air and as much as possible.

So if you want the group to still be around in 20 or 30 years it is every year that you can show that you are proud to be a part of it.

The HQ will always be ready to support and promote your activities on the air.