IR-HQ announcement


Hello everyone,

It is with great reluctance that I step down as President and Administrator of the IRDX Group.

Thank you to those who have supported me over the years.

If you have ever had the responsibility that I had, you will understand that this was a difficult
decision, but as I have no solution to keep the group alive, this is the wisest solution.

I remain a member and will continue to use my IR callsign, as I hope many of you will.

I wish the future president and leaders of the group the best of luck.

14IR001 Didier

Search for candidates

Since a few years the IRDX group’s management team has been reduced.

Currently the management team is composed of 3 people:

13IR102 Lars Responsible for the allocation of special callsigns on DXCCs and proofs validation.
14IR001 Didier President of the IRDX group.
19IR04 Rob Director Holland, responsible for the allocation of IOTA special call-signs and Webmaster of the website.

The European continent is therefore finally the one that is most represented.

To improve the group’s visibility on a global scale, we need to add several (non-European) people to join the management team,
Of course they will have to be active members on the air and they must be 100% IR of course.

The language barrier is a difficulty for all of us, fortunately thanks to tools on the internet it is possible to solve this problem and this should not worry the candidates.

Please contact Didier 14IR001 to submit your candidate proposal.