HB20 results !


Here are the results, based on the logs sent by activators and hunters !!! Congratulations to everyone who took part !

Special QSL cards will be sent to the winners ! 

HB20 stations /activations : (number of QSO)

47IR149/HB20 482
125IR/HB20 463
250IR/HB20 349
76IR/HB20 304
218IR/HB20 264
153IR/HB20 140
14IR106/HB20 97
14IR000/HB20 88
14IR207/HB20 76
54IR/HB20 65
14IR244/HB20 55
13IR108/HB20 40
14IR176/HB20 32
14IR017/HB20 26
14IR777/HB20 25
30IR046/HB20 23
14IR/EU105/HB20 23
153IR102/HB20 19
108IR/NH015/HB20 18
13IR102/HB20 17
14IR001/HB20 15

HB20 hunters : (number of QSO)

47DX054 24
14ED177 18
30IR046 15
1AT259 13
18HF001 11
13IR121 10
153IR012 10
14AT079 7
2DQ001 7
14IR207 7
153IR101 7
14SD177 6
41IR101 5
43DA162 5
13OP020 3

IR-DX HB20 status

IR-DX 2014 HB20 status
All "direct QSL" requests (ex: 250IR/HB20, 76IR, 218IR etc) have been answered.
Now, the special COLLECTOR trifold (triple) QSL has been designed and paid (TNX to the VPs for help!).
This QSL will be for HB20 hunters who sent their log.
Please allow 2 months delay for printing delays, sending delay, challenge results etc. etc.

Enjoy !

UPDATE 12/05/2015: QSL printed – on the way to 14IR017







153IR/HB20 and 250IR/HB20


Good news ! 153IR/HB20 by Jan and 250IR/HB20 by Giovanni are on the air for IR-DX HB20 event !!! 

Good luck hunting for HB20 stations ! 

Special QSL will be available for BOTH activations via 14IR017 Regis – or just add them to your general HB20 log if you don't need the QSL.




Old QSL cards stock

For your information, we have a LOT of old … and not so old … QSL still on stock.

This can be useful for new members, returning members, holiday activations and so on

Please contact 15IR106 Adrian for informations on availability !!!

If you wish to join IR-DX, we probably have cards for your division. Just ask us !

old cards