Renewal 2024

If you wish to continue your membership, you may fill in this form below and sent it to our renewal manager, by pressing the submit button at the bottom of this page.

The HQ in the last meeting has agreed to collect until to April 2024 the Membership fee of € 10, to have a positive balance in our account, those money will be use to:

  • Renewing domain and webhosting services of our web site
  • Sponsor DXpeditions
  • Printing QSL cards
  • Administration expenses

There might be a problem with Google Chrome and the renewal form here  below.
If it is not working, please use other browser like FireFox or Microsoft Edge !

Please follow these 2 steps below :

  1. Sent an e-mail to and you will be informed, how you can transfer.
  2. Fill in the renewal form below and submit !

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