Young Ladies Club

What is it?

YL is a female callsign belonging to IR-DX memberships. Every IR member got the authorisation to give out his YL-membership, so it is free of charge!

How does it work?

The callsign is just like your normal callsign, but the female operator uses YL instead of IR.
For example, if you are 13IR012, then your lady-operator could use 13YL012.
This gives every IR member the chance to let his wife, girlfriend or daughter say just “hello”or talk on the radio with a good callsign!
Also female IR stations can give an YL callsign to a female friend, cousin, etc.
It will be no problem with addresses or directory, because every QSL or letter for an YL station goes to the address of the matching IR station.

What to do?

Please inform the YL Co-ordinator by letter or e-mail to who you give out an YL callsign! In case you send address-label and postage (e.g. 1IRC) your YL will receive : welcome letter, sample QSL and info about YL material.
When you let your YL station on air it is up to you to be a good model and explain her how everything works! You should advise your YL to choose short operator names to make spelling easy! The YL callsign is not fixed on one female person. For example it can be used now for your wife and later for your daughter. Just make sure you use different operator-names and you use a logbook to avoid confusion!

What about YL QSL’s?

There are two designs: rose girl and mermaid.

More information can be requested at the HQ address !