We will publish several kinds of events, related to our radiohobby.

So, if you have an interesting event to announce, contact us and we will publish it to the event calendar.

Eleven World Wide Contest @ Eleven World Wide Contest
Jul 17 – Jul 18 all-day
IR-DX Fieldday Switzerland 2023
Jul 28 – Jul 30 all-day

Any plans for the last weekend of July 2023? No?

Then consider to join the IR-DX Fieldday 2023 held in Switzerland during the weekend of 28, 29, 30 of July.

We like to invite you to visit the IR-DX Fieldday, where IR-DX members and non-members do meet eachother and spent a nice and relaxing weekend with or without radio and have some face to face chatting, enjoy the beautiful area and during the evening, BBQ-ing.
Last years fieldday was being held in Roth – Germany where many “old and new members” showed up again after absence of some years and had a great weekend together.

Please register before 21 July, so we can calculate what we need to prepare.