14IR017 QSL management

Getting tangled in the snail mailFor your information, all QSL requests received as of today (25/11/2016) have been answered.

I have no more pending QSL requests for:

328IR/CI082 , 328IR/CRO109, 328IR/CRO188, 14IR/FFF293, 14IR/67002R and 109IR/NU001.

It is not too late to request your QSL !

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/14IR017


M. Régis




Contributions accepted :  $, €, IRC, timbres au tarif en vigueur

Thank you for using UTC time !

PSE do not forget to send a SAE or a sticker.

BTW: I still have many QSL from last 5 years on stock (68XXXR IWI, 250IR/HB20, 50IR010 Victor, 10IR/BC, 10IR/COA, 30IR Basquian IWI – LOTA tour etc). PSE contact me for availability if you need some "old" card.










14IR/67002R, 109IR/NU001 and 14IR/FFF293 QSL printed !

20160907_071630Good news, 14IR/67002R, 109IR/NU001 (109/14IR206) and 14IR/FFF293 have been printed and received by the manager 14IR017.

Now waiting for Croatia Tour 2016 QSL to start sending out QSL cards.

PSE group your requests and send to:  Régis 33 RUE RAYMOND POINCARE 68510 SIERENTZ FRANCE

SAE, stickers are welcome. Collection QSL, bonus QSL are not needed.

Paypal possible as well :https://www.paypal.me/14IR017


Active today : IWI by 14IR017 & 14IR206

67002Active today : 14IR/67002-R Rohrschollen Island , Rhine River.

Inland Waterway Island activity , info on : http://www.islands.uznam.net.pl/1_iwi.php?ID_iwi=10739

By 14IR017 & 14IR206 – QSL via 14IR017. Good Luck !

In case this island can't be active for whatever reason, we have an alternate target.

If propagation is good, we may do 2 islands the same day.


Change in the HQ

Hello IR Family

This is just a small Info about a change @ HQ Team .

14IR184 Diego will leave the HQ and resign as Vice President !
Thanks Diego for everything you made in the past and also
for thanks wath you do in the Future !!!

New Vice President will be 14IR017 Regis !!
Regis was already in the Background of the HQ Active and
he is one of our QSL Designers !

73 de Adrian 15IR106

President IR DX Group 11m Section 12752064_488794394657511_168485358_o