14IR017 QSL management

Getting tangled in the snail mailFor your information, all QSL requests received as of today (25/11/2016) have been answered.

I have no more pending QSL requests for:

328IR/CI082 , 328IR/CRO109, 328IR/CRO188, 14IR/FFF293, 14IR/67002R and 109IR/NU001.

It is not too late to request your QSL !

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/14IR017


M. Régis




Contributions accepted :  $, €, IRC, timbres au tarif en vigueur

Thank you for using UTC time !

PSE do not forget to send a SAE or a sticker.

BTW: I still have many QSL from last 5 years on stock (68XXXR IWI, 250IR/HB20, 50IR010 Victor, 10IR/BC, 10IR/COA, 30IR Basquian IWI – LOTA tour etc). PSE contact me for availability if you need some "old" card.










14IR/67002R, 109IR/NU001 and 14IR/FFF293 QSL printed !

20160907_071630Good news, 14IR/67002R, 109IR/NU001 (109/14IR206) and 14IR/FFF293 have been printed and received by the manager 14IR017.

Now waiting for Croatia Tour 2016 QSL to start sending out QSL cards.

PSE group your requests and send to:  Régis 33 RUE RAYMOND POINCARE 68510 SIERENTZ FRANCE

SAE, stickers are welcome. Collection QSL, bonus QSL are not needed.

Paypal possible as well :https://www.paypal.me/14IR017


Active today : IWI by 14IR017 & 14IR206

67002Active today : 14IR/67002-R Rohrschollen Island , Rhine River.

Inland Waterway Island activity , info on : http://www.islands.uznam.net.pl/1_iwi.php?ID_iwi=10739

By 14IR017 & 14IR206 – QSL via 14IR017. Good Luck !

In case this island can't be active for whatever reason, we have an alternate target.

If propagation is good, we may do 2 islands the same day.