International Radio Contribution Coupon In more and more countries, it is difficult to exchange the IRC
(International Reply Coupon) for US$ at the bank/postoffice. Therefore we decided to create a new kind of Contribution :
The IRCC (International Radio Contribution Coupon).

Like we all know, it is also a problem to send coins, most of them do not receive or the post office do not take the letters. If you want to take a banknote, there is only the 5$ or 5€ note left. But isn't it a little bit expensive for a QSL-card??

Our new IRCC have the same value like 1$ or 1€ !!!

The International Radio Contribution Coupon has the size of a normal phone-card and got a number-code in the down right corner on the backside. All IR-DX managers should accept this way of contribution.

Following DX groups do accept the IRCC, but only if you send the QSL with your IR-DX Callsign :

  • All IR-DX QSL Managers !!!
  • Radio Sugar (1RS02 Mauro, P.O.Box 7045, 16148, Genova, Italy
  • PAS DX Group – Spain
  • Lima Delta – 1LD01 Dario, P.O.Box 28, 25082, Botticino, Italy

If your group likes to accept/adopt the IRCC also, please let us know.

How to get the IRCC :

You can order them from IRCC-manage or maybe your country-director have some on stock.

Send to IRCC manager :

  • 10€ (euro) or US $, you will get 9 IRCCs (8 with airmail)
  • 30€ (euro) or US $, you will get 28 IRCCs (27 with airmail)
  • for bigger packs ask for ….

If you send banknotes, please stick it between 2 papers or QSL-cards. We cannot exchange cheques, so do not send any bank cheques!

International Radio Contribution Coupon

How to exchange the IRCC back to euro/dollar