2017 wishes


Dear members, dear friends and supporters,

Best wishes for this new year 2017. May your dreams come true.

2016 has been a great year for IRDX : new members, activations (SOTA, WFF, 109IR, 152IR, 189IR, 328IR, IWI, Island Festival etc etc.), communication (Whatsapp group, Facebook …), modernity (members active on ROS mode, WSPR, SIM31 …).

Let's hope 2017 will be the same, even though propagation has been horrible lately.

We are proud for all our achievements, we are proud that we are always going forward, and we are proud to see our SPIRIT is still ALIVE !!!

We are not into the BUZZ, we aren't into elite, we are just normal people in a normal group, a familial group where everyone is equal and where everyone can voice his opinion.

Many groups come, many groups quit, many groups come back.

We are known as a serious group, which isn't making noise, which isn't into polemics and wars, we just go our way. We aren't Phoenix like (rise fast, fly high, fall quick), we are here to stay ! We believe in IR-DX and we will make EVERYTHING we can to be stronger next cycle ! It's not a springt, it's a marathon 😉

Please, if you want something, if you have any remarks, requests, questions, don't hesitate to contact the HQ. Everything is possible, but the HQ cannot know about the members wishes if no one asks ! We enjoy your feedback and ideas ! Should you need anything, we're available on the mailinglist, on Facebook, on Whatsapp, via the Website etc .

Change in the HQ

Hello IR Family

This is just a small Info about a change @ HQ Team .

14IR184 Diego will leave the HQ and resign as Vice President !
Thanks Diego for everything you made in the past and also
for thanks wath you do in the Future !!!

New Vice President will be 14IR017 Regis !!
Regis was already in the Background of the HQ Active and
he is one of our QSL Designers !

73 de Adrian 15IR106

President IR DX Group 11m Section 12752064_488794394657511_168485358_o

HB20 results !


Here are the results, based on the logs sent by activators and hunters !!! Congratulations to everyone who took part !

Special QSL cards will be sent to the winners ! 

HB20 stations /activations : (number of QSO)

47IR149/HB20 482
125IR/HB20 463
250IR/HB20 349
76IR/HB20 304
218IR/HB20 264
153IR/HB20 140
14IR106/HB20 97
14IR000/HB20 88
14IR207/HB20 76
54IR/HB20 65
14IR244/HB20 55
13IR108/HB20 40
14IR176/HB20 32
14IR017/HB20 26
14IR777/HB20 25
30IR046/HB20 23
14IR/EU105/HB20 23
153IR102/HB20 19
108IR/NH015/HB20 18
13IR102/HB20 17
14IR001/HB20 15

HB20 hunters : (number of QSO)

47DX054 24
14ED177 18
30IR046 15
1AT259 13
18HF001 11
13IR121 10
153IR012 10
14AT079 7
2DQ001 7
14IR207 7
153IR101 7
14SD177 6
41IR101 5
43DA162 5
13OP020 3

IR-DX Field Day meeting 2015 – Germany


IR Field day Germany (IR Meeting)
24-26/07/2015 – Main Day 25/7

With Pleasure we can tell you the IR Germany Crew Organizes once again a Meeting.
This Meeting is open for everyone from every group who like to Join us on this nice Place
Place will be in 91154 Roth-Pfaffenhofen – Industriestrasse..till the end
Place for Camping available !!
Food & Drink on sale on place !!
If you like to stay over night in Hotel near Fieldday place
If you need help about a hotelroom or you know you will visit the Fieldday 100%
please give a small info to Lars 13IR102 for a optimal Organization email 13ir102@irdx.org
If you need anything from Group Material feel free to ask Adrian: 15ir106@irdx.org

IR-DX HB20 status

IR-DX 2014 HB20 status
All "direct QSL" requests (ex: 250IR/HB20, 76IR, 218IR etc) have been answered.
Now, the special COLLECTOR trifold (triple) QSL has been designed and paid (TNX to the VPs for help!).
This QSL will be for HB20 hunters who sent their log.
Please allow 2 months delay for printing delays, sending delay, challenge results etc. etc.

Enjoy !

UPDATE 12/05/2015: QSL printed – on the way to 14IR017