Membership Information

Our DX-Group prefers to have Members, who really interest to become a member of our Group and use the IR Callsign on a regular base.

Therefore we recommend people, who are not allowed to use any other callsign from their current dx-group, not to become a member of the International Radio DX Group, only for the fashion.

The simple reason : You can never use the IR callsign and we ( IR-DX Group) like to have active Members !

Before anyone is joining the IR-DX Group, our directors would like to have information about this "Future Member".

It is great, if you could get personal contact to your IR-director. This is, of course, not often possible.

So we ask you to send us a letter or e-mail, telling something about yourself and your DX-experience, your current callsign, etc etc etc.

If you really want to join, so go to the Download Section and Download the Invitation !

If there is a Country Director for your Division the Letter or eMail will be forwarded to him.

So he will contact you and tell you have to do more to become a Member !

If there is no co-ordinator, someone of the IR-DX HQ will contact you !


Link to the Download Page for the Invitation 

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