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Island activations ?

The first week-end of June was traditionally the rendez-vous for all islands hunters, taking part in the Island Festival.
Unfortunately the Island Festival website is down and we don’t know if something is going to happen or not this year.

Maybe we could keep this well known date and do something anyway, even unofficialy , without ranking etc ?

To IRDX members: feel free to be active from IOTA, IOTA N/V, IWI … HQ is here to support , as usual !

Le premier week-end de juin était le rendez-vous traditionnel des chasseurs d’îles, qui participaient à l’Island Festival.
Malheureusement, nous n’avons pas eu d’infos des organisateurs depuis longtemps et le site du Festival est fermé. On ne sait pas si quelque chose est prévu ou non cette année.

Ceci dit, pourquoi ne pas conserver cette date, bien connue et continuer à activer des îles, même “non officiellement”, sans classement etc , juste pour le plaisir ?

Avis aux membres IR: n’hésitez pas à activer des IOTA, IOTA N/V, IWI, le HQ est là pour aider si nécessaire.

2019 Devon LOTA tour

“IRDX” Lighthouse Challenge, May 2019
4 Lighthouses Activated, 1 Every Sunday.
Berry Head, Teignmouth, Start Point, Brixham Harbour Lighthouses.
Callsigns & Dates:
5th May 2019, Berry Head – 26IR/ENG 007 
12th May 2019, Teignmouth – 26IR/ENG 153
19th May 2019, Start Point – 26IR/ENG 148
26th May 2019, Brixham – 26IR/ENG 016
(Should propagation be a problem, these dates could change or be repeated later in June, post will be updated appropriately)
1st prize – Silver Plated Engraved Lighthouse Spoon For The First Operator To Work All 4 Lighthouses, you must live outside of Devon of course!!!
2nd Prize – 2nd Operator To Work All 4 Lighthouses – 2 x South Point Lighthouse, Barbados coins, 1979 and 2010.
3rd Prize – 3rd Operator To Work All 4 Lighthouses – Lighthouse Keyring.
Good Luck!
Full Colour Qsl Confirmation Available – Images To Follow:
There will be “one special” full colour qsl for all lighthouses, to help all operators, rather than 4 separate confirmations making contributions excessive.
Please do not send your qsl request or contribution until the lighthouse tour has finished, many thanks.
Qsl Address For Standard Post, 
(2usd Plus Self Addressed Envelope)
Please Request Address Via: 26ir065@irdx.org
Paypal: 2.5 Euros, (Sent as a gift) to….
(You MUST leave a note with your PayPal payment giving the callsign you used for the logs and your address for mailing)
If for some reason you do not appear in the log your contribution will be returned.